Computer Programming

This course aims to teach students the skills required to program. After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understanding algorithm and program concepts and their use in problem solving.
  • Understanding the basic concepts of programming.
  • Introduction to Language R.
  • Understanding data structures and external data structures.
  • Understanding programming structures.
  • Ability to design a program based of specifications.
  • Ability to implement computer programs based on program designs.
  • Ability to develop computer programs that can be used it the field of statistics.
  • Ability to reuse code using libraries and functions.
  • Ability to document computer programs.
  • Ability to perform statistical graphs.


     1. SPOC "R que R"

     2. Rubric of Programming

         You can acces to the following files:

              -Rubric  document: in this document is explained the rubric

              - Template

     3. Exams 

    4. Practice