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Teaching using CDF Files

Processes related to software engineering, and sciences in general, need to be constantly illustrated. It is of frequent interest to observe variables and their variation in time, or the effect of some values ​​on others in real time. However, traditional documents are not able to show this dynamism and are short on the task of teaching students in the shortest time possible as is the dynamic behaviour of phenomena under interest.

CDF (Computable Document Format) files are documents created using Wolfram Research technology. They are edited in a public electronic document format designed to facilitate the appreciation of dynamically generated interactive content.

In order to open and view CDF documents, it is necessary to have previously installed the CDF Player, which is a software available for free download at: https://www.wolfram.com/cdf-player/

(Note: CDFs can be viewed using the free CDF Player tool. However, creating and editing CDF documents does require the use of Mathematica software)

Examples of CDFs used by the SEL-PROMISE group are: