Special materials

Analytic Hierarchy Process Method

             An excel file with the method steps can be reached here

Agile Delphi Methodology: case study on how technology impacts Burnout Syndrome (2022)

             All materials related to such case study can be reached here

Understanding the software process through a system dynamics model (2020)

This experiment is aimed at identifying how useful a system dynamics model of a software process may be in the process of learning about software processes by software engineers. It was carried out in 2020, and it implied the development of a simulation model in Vensim, the design of two assessment forms, and the creation of a video explaining the software process dynamics through the developed simulation model.

All materials related to such experiment can be reached here

 The DevSecOps Journey: Unraveling Crucial Skillsets for Software Engineers

This study shows the results of an exploratory study on the critical skills that software engineers must have in order to address the challenge of running organizations with the DevSecOps philosophy. It begins with an initial exploration of the standards that describe specific skills that software engineers must have for this challenge, and concludes by identifying which of these skills are critical, and how they contribute to the potential success of DevSecOps.

All materials related to this study can be reached here