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2022 Challenge - Call for Proposals

This year 2022, the challenge we are launching revolves around the digital transformation of workers' job security, which helps to prevent Burnout syndrome, using a small software application, so the challenge receives the acronym C4Dx - inOHS.

Burnout ("burnout syndrome") is probably one of the occupational psychopathologies to which, from the point of view of occupational risk prevention, it is still necessary to pay its deserved attention. Although there are several controversies from a theoretical point of view regarding its definition and evaluation, we cannot ignore its presence and repercussions at both the individual and organizational level. As an example, let us highlight a paradoxical fact in Burnout situations, the people who are initially more committed and interested in their work are precisely those who are most at risk.

We are proud to present this challenge, which will be awarded with a prize of 500 euros to the winner, sponsored by the Regional Institute for Safety and Health at Work of the Community of Madrid (IRSST).

Registration: registration form
Name and Surname
NIF or passport
Contact email:
Dossier of the creative idea with which it competes (it will consist of a document in pdf format in which it will be included:
1- Data of the digital transformation proposal: Title, authors, contact email.
2- Description of the creative idea on digital transformation: maximum two pages, Arial 11 font, single-spaced.
3- Costs associated with the development of the digital transformation idea.
4- Functional and non-functional requirements of the digital transformation solution.
5- Analysis and design of the digital transformation project proposal.
Deadline for submitting applications: 12May 2022
Evaluation of nominations: nominations will be evaluated from two perspectives. The prize will be awarded to the best evaluated application as a whole.

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Award: 1 prize of 500 euros net to the winning proposal.
Notification to the winner
The award will be notified on May 30, 2022.


Resolution of the Call

A total of 12 proposals were developed, of which 4 were proposed and one was awarded the price.

The summary list of the proposal is:

 Contribution ID


Short Title of the Creative Idea

Link to the proposal

Proposed for the award



 (Dahl Aarhus et al., 2022)


 Virtual Personal Assistant  Download here    

 (Morata Hontanaya et al., 2022)


 BonusBreak  Download here    

 (Cebrian Puñuela et al., 2022)


 Mental Health Monitor  Download here

 (Cieslinski et al., 2022)


 Free Time Booking App  Download here    

 (Tsai et al., 2022)


 BreakBuddies  Download here check   

 (Madsen et al., 2022)


 FieldDay  Download here    

 (Alonso et al., 2022)


 LightUp  Download here    

(Abella Miravet et al., 2022)


Burnout WT Download here



(Izuzquiza Gimeno, Molinero Sánchez and Ruiz-Mateos, 2022)


TrusTec Download here check  

Bernaldo de Quirós de Cal et al., 2022)


Bright Software Download here    

(Bullido Valhermoso et al., 2022)


Hubture Download here    

(Chiclana et al., 2022)


Burnband Download here