C4DX 2023 - Creativity for Digital Transformation in Organizational Health and Safety

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2023 Challenge: Creativity for Digital Transformation in the area of Occupational Health and Safety to help workers become aware of the space they occupy in the environment in which they work (REAL WORLD AWARENESS)

Call for proposals

In 2023, a captivating task was presented: to conceive and suggest a project for digital advancement aimed at augmenting employees' consciousness of their physical surroundings within their work environment (REAL WORLD AWARENESS).

The human encounter is intricately intertwined with the tangible world we occupy: what we perceive, hear, sense, and how we communicate. Embracing "real world awareness" involves being mindful of the ever-changing dynamics of our surroundings and comprehending how they can affect us.

In the realm of work, individuals are susceptible to potential hazards that persistently surround them. However, it is crucial to minimize these risks and ensure that people are well-informed about their existence and their vulnerability to them. Failing to take precautionary measures may lead to unfortunate accidents in the workplace.

Prevention begins with each individual and their connection to the world. In today's technology-driven era, it seems that people are increasingly becoming "disconnected" from their immediate environment, often engrossed in virtual realms that can serve as distractions. Organizations must prioritize the well-being of their workforce by fostering a culture that values employees and actively develops technologies aimed at countering this inclination to "disconnect" from the physical environment.

University students in the Community of Madrid, who have showcased their practical work during the academic years 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 as part of the study programs offered by the universities in the region, were invited to present their innovative ideas for digital transformation in the field of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), with a specific focus on real-world awareness.

The challenge was hosted on the website https://catedrairsst.uc3m.es/en/challenge-2023-c4dx-in-ohs/ and offered two prizes: €800 for the most creative idea in digital transformation and €500 for the runner-up.

The proposals were required to include the following elements:

  1. Details of the digital transformation proposal: Title, authors, and contact email.
  2. Description of the digital transformation proposal supporting real-world awareness: Limited to two pages, Arial 11 font, single spacing.
  3. Costs associated with the development of the proposal.
  4. Functional and non-functional requirements of the proposal.
  5. Analysis and design of the digital transformation proposal.
  6. Video presentation in MP4 format (maximum 6 minutes).


Resolution of the Call

A total of 23 proposals were received and evaluated.

The summary list showing details is:

 Contribution ID


Short Title of the Creative Idea

Link to the proposal

Proposed for the award



 (Dahl Aarhus et al., 2022)


 Virtual Personal Assistant  Download here    

 (Morata Hontanaya et al., 2022)


 BonusBreak  Download here    

 (Cebrian Puñuela et al., 2022)


 Mental Health Monitor  Download here

 (Cieslinski et al., 2022)


 Free Time Booking App  Download here    

 (Tsai et al., 2022)


 BreakBuddies  Download here check   

 (Madsen et al., 2022)


 FieldDay  Download here    

 (Alonso et al., 2022)


 LightUp  Download here    

(Abella Miravet et al., 2022)


Burnout WT Download here



(Izuzquiza Gimeno, Molinero Sánchez and Ruiz-Mateos, 2022)


TrusTec Download here check  

Bernaldo de Quirós de Cal et al., 2022)


Bright Software Download here    

(Bullido Valhermoso et al., 2022)


Hubture Download here    

(Chiclana et al., 2022)


Burnband Download here